Mobile Chair/Table Massage

Sending a bouquet of flowers, a thank you card?
Send a massage therapist! Have your guest feel welcomed with
a therapeutic chair massage!

Great for party’s, corporate events, business
conventions, raves, clubs, pamper parties, birth days, business
meetings, seminars, trade shows, grand openings and anywhere

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Please tell us how many guests are expected, date, and hours you want our services.

Mobile Spa Party

Combine any of our fabulous massage services with any of these glamour services:

  • Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • Facial
  • Make-up
  • Hair
  • Eye Lash Extension

The perfect addition to a birthday party, bachelorette party, staff appreciation, wedding shower or baby shower or just a relaxing unforgettable day!

Getting Married?

Weddings can be stressful! Such a special day requires the services of a massage therapist. Brides, brides maids, even grooms and their grooms men. And don’t forget your nervous relatives, guests, and even the wedding planner!
Massages can be performed while brides maids are applying
make up, styling hair, in the limo, on the massage chair.

We also have talented hairdressers, make-up artist, nail technicians and estheticians available.

Tandem Massage

The ultimate in pleasure, Four-Handed Massage! Two masseuses expertly guide their four hands in perfect mirror synchronization or work in a complementary way but are not exact mirror opposites; for example one therapist may be at the head of the table relaxing the neck while the other therapist works at the foot of the table working on reflex points on the feet. This allows the therapists all the extra time they need to give a complete massage and work to address specific complaints in the same amount of time. The most comprehensive and relaxing massage you will ever have.

Massage Classes for Couples

Get to know your partner with massage lessons on each other! You also have the option to surprise him or her.
Can also be incorporated for cats & dogs.

  • Learn how to use techniques that will not exhaust your body.
  • Learn how to use the right type of pressure for different areas.
  • Learn relaxation, therapeutic and sports techniques.

We will provide the healthiest water in the world, Kangen Water.

If the party is interested, a professional hydration specialists will educate and showcase the phenomenal powers of this life changing water.
Learn about the Leveluk SD-501, the machine that makes Kangen Water and its other types of water purifiers.
Try the water for yourself and see what it will do for you and your loved ones!